Ascribe Management Services Limited

What we do

  • Project management services
  • Quantity surveying / Cost consultant services
  • Contract administration / Employer's agent services
  • CDM principal designer services
  • Specialist services as required
  • Development and site purchase advice
  • Client representitive, and other services

The services

The services we offer

Project management, construction cost, construction management, health & safety and construction communications are all key issues to be considered for and by the Client with an important building or engineering project to steer to a successful conclusion. The Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor are key to this, having been professionally trained, and experienced in dealing with all these problems for you, the Client.

Building construction, civil and structural engineering, mechanical, building and engineering services, petrochemicals, cost and production engineering, environmental and sustainable economics, planning and urban development, landscaping, interior design and fit out – are all areas in which the Chartered Quantity Surveyor is equipped to be your cost expert, closely watching your agreed budget and guiding your project through the financial and delivery stages of modern construction.

Ascribe Management Services Limited provide a complete range of services for building and engineering projects. These services may be summarised as follows:

  • those that are required before a contract is exchanged and agreed
  • those that are required during the course of the contract and on completion
  • those that may be needed outside the main contract but related to it.

In addition, there are other related activities that need to be considered:

  • Risk register
  • Programming
  • Risk engineering
  • Specification
  • Phasing
  • Client direct costs and fitting out
  • Site constraints.
  • Specialist suppliers, installers and equipment


AMS in pre-contract

We will liaise fully with the Client and other consultants from inception to the signing of contract documentation, including advice on market conditions, financial considerations, cash flow, grants and viability of the contractor. We will also advise on the selection method of the contract and the preparation of the contract documentation, including bonds, warranties and design liability.

The emphasis at this stage is on careful planning, since time spent pre contract may save money later in delays or specification changes.

Specific services that occur during this stage are:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Programming
  • Cost planning
  • Risk management and register
  • Tender and contractual arrangements
  • Selection of tenderers
  • Tender report
  • Contract documentation


Working with you in post-contract

Once a contractor has been selected and contracts agreed, our services cover assistance with pre ordering of materials if required, checking insurances, and establishing procedures required to deliver the project, especially if we also act as the project manager and contract administrator during the contract.

It is essential during this period that there is careful cost monitoring with regular reporting to the Client, including costs of variations agreed with the Client.

Specific areas of service include:

  • Material procurement together with subcontractors
  • Cost control
  • Programme management
  • Valuing the construction work completed
  • Claims control and advice
  • Preparing and agreeing final accounts
  • Technical auditing.

Other services

Other services we offer

Project management services, particularly for projects with a complex nature, provide a single link between the Client and the rest of the construction team.

Even if all goes well to completion, there are still likely to be issues such as:

  • Chairing all Client meetings
  • Chairing design team meetings
  • Reviewing programme targets
  • Reviewing detailed legal agreements, leases and purchase agreements related to the project
  • Insurance levels
  • Coordinating team member responses in a timely manner
  • Reporting and presentation about the project
  • Fire insurance
  • Advice on contractual disputes and obligations

It is our aim to give our Clients and their representatives a personal service, ensuring that we are available to be involved at every stage of a project, from inception to the final account.



Making contact with AMS

If you want to get in touch with Ascribe Management Services limited, the best method is by email. Please click on the link below and, where required, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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